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Drive InteractionsIncrease Deal SizeSupport ForeverCapture Appointments with Dealer iCARD

Drive Interactions, Increase Deal Size, And Support Sold Customers Like Never Before!

Engage. Sell. Support.

Engage Buyers

Generate more calls & chats, answer buyer questions, and provide all dealer resources in a single click

Increase Deal Size

Position yourselves as the “experts” and watch car buyers pay more for the vehicle and accept less for their trade

Support Forever

Provide NEXT-LEVEL, continuous follow-up to sold customers by being a single button click away

Effortlessly Efficient

Drive Interactions, Increase Deal Size, And Support Buyers Forever with Dealer iCARD

iCARD guides buyers and sold customers to initiate chats, book appointments, and access dealership resources seamlessly.

One-Click Connect

Allow all potential and existing customers to connect to a live person with a single click of a button

Intelligent Assist

Intelligent Assist connects calls & chats, sets appointments, and prompts clients to share seamlessly

Built-In Appointments

CAPTURE ALL after-hour “sales” appointments with our intuitive, easy to set up, built-in Booking option

Intelligent Assist Feature



Increases Deal Size



Increases Interactions



Increases Referrals



Builds Professional Status

Why Choose Dealer Virtual

iCARD Provides Customers With Everything That Matters

Dealer iCARD streamlines communication and ensures that contacts can reach out, schedule appointments, or engage in meaningful conversations with just a single click.

One-Click Connect

Allow customers to connect effortlessly with a single click of a button

Intelligent Assist

Guides connections, prompts calls/chats, sets appointments

Buyer Q&A

Answer “BUYING questions” BEFORE the car buyer arrives and during ownership

Promos & Events

Showcase resources, offers, events, and more with countdown timers for impact

Built-In Bookings

Customizable time slots & manual reminders for easy management


Win more deals by speaking fluently in over 100 languages


    Dealer Virtual is NON-APP, super easy to create and share with car buyers

      One-Click Connect

      Allow customers to connect to a live person with a single click of a button

        Built-In Bookings

        Captures all before and after hour sales appointments for your dealership

          Dealer Resources

          Redirects customers to resources listed on the dealership website in a single click


            Allows Buyers to share via Text, Email, and all Social Media Platforms

              FOREVER Follow-Up

              Never lose customers again - made possible with Forever Follow-Up

              iCARD One-Click Interactions

              Communicate With Instantly Chat With Instantly Text WithInstantly Promote toStay In Touch With Instantly Chat With Instantly Text WithInstantly Promote toInstantly ImpressInstantly Educate More Car Buyers Than Ever Before!

              Increases Interactions Up To
              Increases Appointment Show Rates Up To
              Increases Eagerness To Work Together
              Increases Salesman’s Professional Status
              Intuitive Appointment Scheduler

              Missing on Appointments? iCARD Captures More After-HourMore Before-HourAll Closed Day“I Want To Trade Up”“Exploring Options”& Pre-Books FutureAppointments

              Increases Appt Show Rates
              Increases Dealership’s Availability
              Captures After-Hour Appointments
              Increases Salesman’s Professional Status
              Pre-Books Customer’s Future Purchases

              Appointment RemindersAdjustable Time Slots15, 30, 45, 60, 90 Min SlotsAppointment Reminders24/7 BOOKINGS15, 30, 45, 60, 90 Min SlotsAdjustable Time SlotsAuto Email Alerts!

              Add Unlimited ImagesGIF’s

              Digital Photo Frame

              Customers waiting for finance? Entertain with a Stunning Built-In Photo Frame

              Do you have buyers WAITING FOR FINANCE?! There’s not a better way to keep them entertained and locked in to that buying mood.

              100+ Languages

              Never miss another deal… iCARD is Multi-Lingual & Translates in over 100 Langauges

              Imagine All Your Sales Pros Speaking ChineseSpanishHindiArabicFrenchItalianGermanSpanishItalianJapanese Korean

              Never lose a deal due to communication breakdown… Dealer Virtual translates in over 100 languages.

              Engages Car Buyers
              Excites Car Buyers
              Increases Salesman’s Professional Status

              Shareable on Facebookon Instagramon LinkedInAnywhere!

              Text/Email/Social Sharing

              Give customers something to SHARE… SHARING is the NEW - Word-Of-Mouth Advertising

              Increases Deals
              Increases Retention
              Increases Eagerness To Work Together
              Increases Dealership Presence & Status
              FOREVER FOLLOW-UP

              Sales guys hate doing follow up… Retain like never before with iCARD’S NON-APP, FOREVER Follow-Up

              Never lose another dealership customer when a sales professional fails to follow up.

              Retains Sold Customers
              Retains Unsold Customers

              Dealer Team

              (One-Time Fee – Terms Options Available)

              Own Dealer iCARD Today

              Services include sales team members, both new and used, as well as service advisors at each location.

              Need Help?

              DEALERSHIP FAQs

              Have questions about Dealer Virtual? We have you covered!

              Dealer iCARD’s are an Interactive, Bookable, and Multilingual sales tool designed to assist car buyers from start to finish. It benefits your dealership by streamlining communication, increasing response rates, and providing an engaging platform for customers, enhancing their overall buying experience.

              Dealer iCARD’s enhance the car buying experience by offering a seamless, informative, and interactive experience. It provides features like booking appointments, multilingual support, and dynamic showcases, creating a personalized and convenient experience for customers.

              Yes, the Dealer iCARD experience allows complete customization. Dealerships can tailor the information, including inventory links, service details, and resource links, ensuring that the iCARD reflects the dealership’s brand and offerings accurately.

              The interchangeable feature allows for seamless transitions when a sales professional changes within the dealership. The Dealer iCARD’s URL automatically updates with the new salesperson’s name, ensuring uninterrupted customer interactions and maintaining relationships.

              Dealer iCARD engages potential buyers more effectively, increasing response rates from third-party platforms. Its dynamic features and user-friendly interface capture attention and encourage interactions.

              With our user-friendly interface, you can effortlessly create your Dealer iCARDs in less than 5 clicks.

              Simply log in to your account, go to the editor, input essential details such as user information, dealer contact info, and hit ‘PUBLISH.’ It’s that easy!

              Absolutely! During the setup, you can input logos, and content to align with your dealership’s brand identity.

              No technical expertise is needed. Our intuitive platform is designed for ease of use, ensuring a seamless setup process for all users.

              iCARD guides buyers and sold customers to initiate chats, book appointments, and access dealership resources seamlessly.


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